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Tuesday, 29 August 2017

(Hats off to) Roy Harper - His 1968 Top Gear Session

(Hats off to) Roy Harper - His 1968 Top Gear Session

I hope Mr. Harper will not object to this:

From two different sources, here is Roy Harper's second Top Gear session.
Originally tx on 13/3/68, tracks 1-3 come from a repeat of the session tx 12/5/68
The final track was sourced from Sugarmegs.
As far as I can devise this has not been released.
The superb orchestrated backing comes from the Keith Mansfield group of 9 musicians.
Apologies for tape hiss and small glitch at the end of Night Fighter

1. Night Fighter
2. Life Goes By
3. A Beautiful Rambling Mess
4. All You Need Is

Usual request for upgrades, and the first session from late '67
Thanks to Tony for having the foresight of taping this, and Knees at Sugarmegs, whose indepth
analysis of the similarity/differences between the LP and Top Gear versions, is worth reading.
Here's the link:    ROY HARPER Top Gear 1968

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