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Friday, 14 December 2018

Unknown 60's/Early 70's Jazz Piece

Unknown 60's/Early 70's Jazz Piece

This came from a tape of predominantly live BBC sessions.
Probably from 1969, and probably from Mike Harding's "Sound of the 60s" show. You can just hear a second of the DJ at the end.
Can anybody identify it? It is certainly superior stuff imho.

Here it is:
Unknown Jazz Piece 1

Thursday, 6 December 2018

Unknown 70's Acetate "Understanding"

UNKNOWN 70's ACETATE "Understanding"

Found on the back of a Eula Cooper acetate is this pleasant (unrelated) track called 'Understanding'.
Sort of America meets Alone Again Or.
Can anyone identify it?
No doubt it is a case of a group reusing an unclaimed single sided acetate. There is no identifcation on the acetate at all.
Listen to it here.

Saturday, 1 December 2018

Top Gear 26th January 1969 Pt1

Top Gear 26th January 1969 Part 1

It's only been a year since my last post.
Here (for what it's worth) is the first half of this program.
I say that, because the sound is fairly awful. It was rescued like its predecessor from a single channel muffled tape, and I have done what I can to improve it.
As a show it is of some interest, with some excellent sessions from The Fairports, Jethro Tull, Idle Race and a great Keef Hartley blast.
Also a preview of The Misunderstoods 'Children of the Sun' presumably from acetate, as John ponders whether 'My Mind' will be the flip. (It wasn't).
So I hope you can enjoy it amidst the scrapes bangs and heterodyne whistle!
Here's the link
Top Gear 26/1/69

Monday, 30 October 2017

Top Gear with John Peel 13/4/69 with sessions by:
Glass Menagerie; Terry Reid; Blodwyn Pig and Bonzo Dog Band

Here is the first part of Top Gear 13/4/69. I rescued this from a muffled recording on one track only.
Eq'd to the best of my ability, it is still far from perfect, but is at least listenable.
Now you may be aware of other sites hosting Top Gears by the hundred, though mostly from the 80's and later, but it has quickly become apparent that these are designed for "stamp collectors", who avidly copy them and then never play them again, or those who crave copies of the "Festive 50" more than life itself.
Well each to his own, just stay away from me. OK?

For me, the magic of these early shows is the often unique sessions and the early Peel commentary, long before he became a star. There is no doubt in my mind, that the magic quickly faded after John Walters took over production from Bernie Andrews.

If you were around in the 60s and have some parts of uncirculated Top Gear from that period on tape then do get in touch.

Lastly - feel free to copy and distribute these shows as you see fit, even if it gets on my wiki!

Play it here: TG130469pt1.mp3 

Depending upon the interest, I will post part 2 shortly, and a whole load more uncirculated shows.

Tuesday, 29 August 2017

(Hats off to) Roy Harper - His 1968 Top Gear Session

(Hats off to) Roy Harper - His 1968 Top Gear Session

I hope Mr. Harper will not object to this:

From two different sources, here is Roy Harper's second Top Gear session.
Originally tx on 13/3/68, tracks 1-3 come from a repeat of the session tx 12/5/68
The final track was sourced from Sugarmegs.
As far as I can devise this has not been released.
The superb orchestrated backing comes from the Keith Mansfield group of 9 musicians.
Apologies for tape hiss and small glitch at the end of Night Fighter

1. Night Fighter
2. Life Goes By
3. A Beautiful Rambling Mess
4. All You Need Is

Usual request for upgrades, and the first session from late '67
Thanks to Tony for having the foresight of taping this, and Knees at Sugarmegs, whose indepth
analysis of the similarity/differences between the LP and Top Gear versions, is worth reading.
Here's the link:    ROY HARPER Top Gear 1968

Monday, 26 June 2017


I have just become aware of a site that has posted some more unreleased material by Mandrake Paddle Steamer/Mandrake.

Check it out here:

Three new songs, and some possible upgrades to tracks on the "Overspill" LP
Definitely worth a visit to hear the delights of "Stella Mermaid" and "Doris The Piper"
and a rather later track called "Nice Man" from 4/3/70 when the band were known as "Mandrake"
We have Terry Morley to thank for this new insight into the band. Hope there will be more to come.

The British Music Archive site also had some useful info on the band. However as of today the site is crashed.

Sunday, 11 June 2017

TIM ROSE Saturday Club Session 2/3/68

Tim Rose did some marvellous sessions for the BBC in the sixties, and a few survive on transcription disc. Tim often came in for a lot of flack for claiming credit for co-writing  "Morning Dew" with Bonnie Dobson. Having listened extensively to Bonnie's excellent recorded work, I think without Tim's input -it would have been a much less interesting song.
Tim made several appearances on Brian Matthew's Saturday Club and John Peel's Top Gear, often performing the same songs on both programs though in different versions, with different backings.
Thanks to Ken Garner's indispensable guide, I can date this session to 2/3/68 and am disappointed to see that I am missing "Eat Drink and be Merry" from that broadcast, possibly because I suspect my tape  has been sourced from transcription disk - judging by the clarity of sound. Disappointing too, that I do not have any info on the backing band.
I hope to post some Top Gear recordings from 1967/8 if anyone is interested.
If anyone can supply the missing track from this broadcast, also his live version of "Dim Light" or any other sessions he did;  I would be very grateful.

"Plug" time for fans of my blog (both of you): check out You Tube contributor  "Ted B". He is posting some very worthwhile live material from the sixties.

Tracks are: Rowan Oak/A short interview with Brian Matthew/I got a lonliness/Morning dew.

Hear them: