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Friday, 25 January 2019

FAMILY on Top Gear 26/11/67

FAMILY Top Gear 26/11/67

The Burning Shed 8CD & DVD box set has recently been released, and whilst it repeats much of what is already available, we finally have  'Scene through the eye of a lens' and 'Winter' from Top Gear 26/11/67.
Scene is not a million miles from the 45 version, and I can't help wondering if this were truely cut in the studio, or just an acetate version the band brought along to the BBC; whatever it's nice to catch up with it. (Cynical moment here), it sounds like a cut and paste with new vocal overdub and some extra Grech parts. It would be a minor miracle if this could have been achieved one take at the BBC.
Does anyone have more info on this?
The real revelation is 'Winter' Here a full on psychedelic version akin to 'Scene'.
I thought I would post the missing two tracks from this session, 'Voyage' and 'Peace of mind' from Alexis Korner show but syndicated from the Top Gear session.
They are pretty rough sounding, as they were sourced from a short wave broadcast on BBC World Service. For fans of the early band, they are however essential.
While you are at it, check out their Hyde Park gig from 24/8/68, it's only 14 minutes long, and is available on Sugarmegs. Also the Bouton Rouge segments on Youtube.
If anyone can upgrade any of this -please get in touch.

FAMILY Top Gear 26/11/67

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